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West Wing Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza!

West Wing Stocking Stuffer!
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But Hark! What is this?
This is the West Wing Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza!

Brought to you by your lovely neighbourhood mods Atticus thecolourclear and J raedbard.

Oooo ... what does that mean?
It means you leave an entry [let's call it a stocking] with a list of things you like in fic, and people anonymously fill your stocking in a comment- or two. Or three, leaving you with a stocking stuffed of comment fics! For example, here is an example stocking.

Anonymous? Why Anonymous?
Because it's holiday themed, and you're giving out little treats.

Do my treats have to be holiday themed?
No. Not at all. This is just a holiday exchange. The theme of your little fic can be whatever you wish it to be. :D

So I can sign my name if I want?
You can leave a comment afterwards. Or, you can, in the spirit surprises and the holidays, wait until after the holidays to put your name on it.

That sounds like a rip from Yuletide.
I can't help it they're brilliant. Neither can they.

Getting back to it, I can put anything in my list?
Yup, anything.

Hey! I just submitted my stocking and it's not up yet! What's going on?
Patience, grasshopper. Your friendly neighbourhood mods are modding all entries, just to make sure someone doesn't post twice or something. As soon as one of us gets to it, we'll approve you in a jiffy!

It's been a jiffy!
Patience, grasshopper. Jiffy is 12 hours, okay?

Now that my stocking is up, why can't I make a post pimping my stocking?
The top post is a sticky post of people's LJ names and a link to their stocking. We don't want the comm to be full of people trying to praise up their stockings- that's what hanging your stocking is for.

So I can go all out on my stocking?
Decorate it as much as you want!

If I see my friend has a stocking, and I know she loves X/Y in boot camp, but it's not on the list, can I fill the stocking with it?
We're going to ask that you stick largely with the confines of the stocking list to avoid unnecessary drama. :( Sorry.

Can I bug my friend and ask that s/he update the stocking list?
If there's a fic you really want to write your friend, go for it. Just don't fill the stocking with it. Bugging friends is mean. Surely there's something else on the list you can write.

Awww, this stocking wanted X/Y/Z fic but someone already wrote some! Now what?
Write some more! The fuller a stocking, the better!

Can I write a fic about rope in the bedroom?
It's best to only write that fic if the person says they're okay with kinky sex. In fact, your lovely neighbourhood mods would be most happy if you stayed away from the really kinky stuff.

Awww, shoot! I don't really want a stocking, for whatever reason, can I still play?
Yes! Feel free to fill as many stockings as you wish!

I don't write, but I love fic! Can I have a stocking?
We ask that if you hang a stocking, you fill some stockings too.

But you have no way of knowing!
No, but Morgan Freeman does.

Morgan Freeman?
Is God.

But why? I really suck at fic! And now is my chance to get that X/Y fic I've dreamed of!
The love you take is equal to the love you make. And, it's the holidays. Be nice!

That's not how it goes.
In all seriousness, if you're dying for a fic, but don't want to leave treats, please consider just asking your friends list, or joining another exchange community. This is about receiving and giving. Moreso about the giving, really.

Oh no. Speaking of niceness, and giving ... or not- my bitter fandom enemy is here!
Play nice. Don't make us log IP addresses. You don't have to fill anyone's stocking you don't want to.

No-one is filling my stocking!
Are your requests too specific? Do you have really rare requests? Try leaving a broad, open stocking. One with lots of options for stocking stuffers is preferable. Again, here is a stocking with a wide range of pairings for people to fill. Try reworking your stocking, or adding some more openness to your stocking. Saying 'I like X/Y in the bedroom with rope' isn't quite what we're going for here. For instance 'I like X/Y after the White House, and X/Y angry sex fic, and X/Y with children' is more broad and can have a lot of interpretations from that.

I HATE this stocking stuffer!
Ouch. Unfortunately, sometimes we all get fic we don't really like- shrug it off and look at all your other treats!

I LOVE/HATE this stocking stuffer! I know it's anonymous but it's after holidays ... can you tell me who wrote it?
It's anonymous. Even your mods do not know.

But IP addresses! Please! I must know!
If you can't handle the suspense of treats, perhaps you shouldn't be signing up. Regardless- no. Your friendly neighbourhood mods will only get involved if flaming, trolling, and other nastiness occurs.

When will the stockings be unable to be stuffed?
We'll be going until the 12th day of Christmas, so January 6, 2010.

Will you do this again?
Maybe. Probably. :D