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Hey guys! Be sure to get down to the fireplace and fill fill fill those stockings that are hanging! Some of these stockings don't have any treats in them at all!

You guys are doing a fantastic job, and keep it up!

Happy Holidays!

stocking for tidbit2008

Kind of was pointed over here and told "read!" lol, and so now I want to see about joining in the fun.

Characters: Josh, Sam, CJ, Donna, Ainsley, Amy, and Leo. I pretty much love them all, though.

Pairings: Josh/Donna, CJ/Danny, Sam/Ainsley, Toby/Andy, and Will/Kate. I also regularly cheat with Josh/Amy and Sam/Donna.

Friendships: Josh/Sam, Josh/CJ, Toby/CJ, Donna/CJ, Leo/Josh, Leo/Jed, Toby/Sam. I wouldn't necessarily call them a friendship, but well written Amy and Donna fics amuse me muchly.

Notes: I am a drabble/ficlet writer by nature, and therefore am just as happy to receive them. It's the small moments that made the relationships on this show so special. We didn't have houses of candles or big declarations of any kind. It was the little things here and there that meant so much.

Fluff for the sake of fluff is nice, but the less squishy and more real sounding ones are my favorites. At the same time, I love angst and humor as well. I can go for just about anything. Go ahead play with history, play with canon, play with the space time continuum if you want. If it's true to the characters, I'll pretty much love it regardless.

Slash is not my cup of tea. Otherwise, I'll read any rating so long as we don't get into horror or something. (Basically, no odes to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre *shudders* or anything like that.)

Bonus Point Opportunities: Donna and Amy. Angsty Sam/Ainsley. Josh/Amy. Leo and Josh. Leo and Sam. Josh and CJ. Ainsley and CJ. Ainsley and Toby. Or pretty much anything that makes me laugh :)

stocking for pinkinks

Here at last :)

Let's start off with the easy stuff :)

Any rating is fine :)

Character loves: (obsession status in bold, You Really Should Get Out More in bold and underline)

CJ, Toby, Josh, Leo, Sam, Abbey, Jed, Mrs L, Debbie, Lord John Marbury, Margaret

Not fussed about:

Will, (although he does have cute moments), Ainsley, Donna, Mandy, Amy

Fave Genres are angst and porn lmao although I will take anything as long as it's not super sweet and over sentimental. These genres apply to all ships.


It's all about Claudia Jean. Pair her with practically anyone expect Donna, Amy or Mandy and I'm happy. I write CJ/Toby, CJ/Leo, CJ/Abbey, CJ/Josh, CJ/Toby/Sam and CJ/Danny just to give you an idea ;)


CJ/Toby(Friendship/subtext/pron) Make them flirty or Angst Em Up. Make CJ tease the hell out of Toby and visa versa. Make her beat him at pool. Whatever.

CJ/Toby/Sam = OTP3 Bliss


CJ/Josh - for the fun of em

CJ/Danny - sorta as above but please use this one sparingly. I don't like this pairing all that much but when it's done well I have to concur that he is a nice guy ;)


CJ/Abbey - Do you worst. Make me bawl.

Maybe even Sam/CJ Hmmm...

Stuff I can't categorise.

I love vulnerable, fragile CJ as much as flirty, klutz CJ.

I adore black and white photography.
I love NYC and lighthouses
I love indulgent writing.
I'm a hopeless romantic who still loves fairy tales


Thank you.

Stocking for melliyna

Well, it's melliyna (who has been off having happy times and such with Criminal Minds lately but does write West Wing) and here are some thoughts.

Pairings/Characters: I like Sam/Toby, Toby/Sam/CJ, Donna/Sam, Charlie/Zoey and find Josh/Toby kind of fascinatingly interesting. I also do like CJ/Simon. As for characters? Sam is my guy, absolutely. I however adore Donna, Toby, Josh, Leo, Charlie, Ainsley, POTUS, Zoey.

Friendships: Okay, I have a competency kink and a 'families that are made not born' kink a mile wide. I love these guys and explorations of their friendship, of what makes them work. I will admit to a preference for happy but realistic view of the characters. I like well done angst in which the characters remain the characters and still care, having to make a difficult choice but with honor. Jed and Sam's father/son relationship - the happy moments, Dad!Sam (especially combined with President Seaborn), CJ and Jed and CJ's daughter. Jed's POV on the apology in Manchester (why didn't he tell Sam face to face?).

Other: I love crossovers, AU's, roads not taken. If you write me say, Hotch, Sam, Toby and Gideon in the same story I will love you forever. The BAU goes to Washington. Ten and encounters with Sam. Dystopia's, a world in which Sam was the one shot, Donna Moss: Vampire Slayer. I did mention Hotch and Sam in the same room and Toby/Gideon right? ;)

stocking for ciachick711

Favorite Characters: C.J., Toby, Sam, Donna, Danny, Carol, Bonnie, Ginger

Romantic pairings: C.J./Toby, C.J./Danny, I also don’t mind Sam/Donna

Friendships/platonic dynamics: C.J. and Carol, Toby or Sam and Bonnie and Ginger (how they came to work for them, etc.), I also would love to see all the girls hanging out

Notes: I’m pretty much good with anything, whether it be pre-campaign or post-administration, but I love canon, too. I like seeing how these relationships and friendships develop outside of work, as well as how they develop in the workplace and yet still maintain a professionalism (if that makes sense.) Basically anything C.J./Toby will make me happy (even angst) and the same goes for C.J./Danny.

stocking for raedbard

Let's see:

I love Toby, deeply, and anything with good, in-character Toby will always make me happy. I love Sam too, and Andy, and the Wyatt-Ziegler twins, Huck in particular. I'd love some exploration of Sam's relationship with his father, pre-series fic with him in college and in NY (if you slide Toby in there? SO HAPPY!), and President Seaborn. I'd love to see a bit of Andy's family too, and just her life, outside its overlap with the Bartlet White House -- office!fic, dates with people not Toby that she then calls him up and mocks him with tells him about. I crave Huck fic, so Huck doing anything -- at college, how he fits in -- or doesn't -- at school, how he plays off Molly, his relationships, anything. I miss Ellie (her relationship with Jed fascinates me) a lot and have recently fallen for Donna (anything Donna; Donna being Donna is <333) all over again. I'd love to read something about Josh and his family, pre-canon.

Pairings. Two big OTPs: Toby/Sam and Toby/Andy, which I don't necessarily see as mutually exclusive! (I have no problem with playing with, or even disregarding, canon.) I love Toby and Sam's partnership -- uneasy, unbalanced, full of Sam's hero-worship and Toby's reticence, and how Toby misses Sam, if you look closely, once he's gone. (Also the potential for fluff and humour between them.) But I see Andy as the love of his life, and the, um, uneasy, unabalanced Toby/Andy relationship fascinates me too. *g* I love them being parents, teasing each other, the disappointments and the possibility of reconciliations.

Also: Toby/Ellie, badwrong Sam/Huck where Toby is the silent third (yeah, I know *g*), Toby/Josh, Toby/Donna (light/darkness again, also pretty). I love Toby & Huck father/son moments, and I love seeing the twins embraced by the rest of the staff as family -- C.J. the cool aunt, Josh playing catch, that kind of thing. Huck doing, really, anything. (Bonus points for Huck/OMC.) Josh & Sam friendship, particularly pre-canon, at university for instance. C.J./Toby pre-administration, when they were younger, again maybe at college.

And, if anyone wants to throw RPF into the mix, I love Lowe/Schiff. Again, because it's a play on opposites. Also Schiff/Whitford. Or, whole cast gen shenanigans and cool times in Allison's trailer. Awesome! (Guidance? I like mean!Rob and better-than-his-reputation!Rob, quiet, intense, skillful, vulnerable!Richard, slightly goofy but passionate!Brad.)

Stuff I like in fic: road trips, 5 things fic, 2nd person P.O.V., language that plays with sound and light and weight and texture, poetry as inspiration, post-series 'what happened in x's life?' fics, sad love stories, stuck-in-a-room fics (i.e. like 'No Exit' *g*), New York stories, stories where writers talk about writing, and apocalypse stories. Yes, even at Christmas. ;)

Stuff to note: I'm more of a slasher (obviously), I didn't like S7 much, I'm not crazy about holiday fics, any rating is fine by me, and please have fun!

So, basically: this whole idea (which is 90% Atticus's, prrrops) is very likely to make my year, as well as my holidays. So THANK YOU very much in advance and I'm sure I'll love whatever you want to offer because, hey, TWW!

Stocking for Avon7

This is a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for creating it.

Favorite characters/pairings:
Characters: Josh, Sam, ummm, Josh a few more times then Sam a few more times... after that CJ, Toby, POTUS, Leo, Donna, Margaret, Mrs Landingham - virtually everyone
Pairings: Honestly, I'm not really interested in romance/sex as the central theme but Mr B/Mrs B, Zoe/Charlie, Josh/Donna, CJ/Toby (in the past), Sam/Mallory, Josh/Mandy, CJ/Simon

This is what makes TWW *my* show - Josh and Sam, Josh, Sam and CJ, Sam and Toby, Jed and Leo, Mrs L and Jed, Josh and Donna, Leo and Josh and the senior staff as a group.

I've now watched up to the end of S5 (please - no S6 or S7 spoilers) but still love S1-3 way best. I love friendship and gen - and I often see the TWW as a family. I'd so much rather read close friendship than slash/het. I'm rather partial to well-done angst, wallow or hurt-comfort. I'd love Sam post-Rosslyn, Sam post-discovering the truth about his dad, Sam as president in the future (with Josh as CoS), slightly fragile/caring Josh, CJ as big sister, Leo and Josh as 'father and son', Sam and Jed likewise. I just like people caring about people. I like Toby but (gets ready to duck) I'm not interested in Andy or the twins. I'd also love any Bartlet plus other presidents - past or present.
Really, though, I'm honestly not too fussy - any friendship stuff set S1-S5 or in the future sans spoilers would be great. I enjoy first, second or third person - I quite like different.

Edited to add: I really rather not read any CJ and her dad stories - hits far too close to home.

Ratings: I'd prefer G to PG (or M, only I can't remember the States's equivalent to M)- well, basically like the screened WW.

Stocking for purple_elefants

Characters: Josh, Donna, CJ, Toby, Andy
OTP: Josh/Donna
Close 2nd: Toby/Andy (And kids! when applicable. Or just the kids is good too. Anything in the Wyatt-Zielger family.)
Also good: Toby/CJ, CJ/Danny, Josh/Amy (during cannon Amy times only please, not post-admin)
'ships are great, but so are friendships/single character for any of the above, or gen for any of the show, really. There isn't anyone I don't love, so any friendships and work relationships are fair game.

Themes/Notes: I have a huge soft spot in my heart for broken Josh. Holiday warm-fuzzies are excellent this time of year, too. On the other hand, angst is always good, but nothing too dark. Sex is welcome but certainly not required; nothing too kinky or outside the above pairings, though Andy/Toby/CJ or Donna/Josh/Amy also work. I'm not a huge fan of AU or contradictions to canon, but if it's well-written about my people, I don't particularly care what universe it's in.

Any rating and time-frame are fine. Basically if you write something featuring any of the above characters, I will be happy.

stocking for spyglass_

This is a fantastic idea! I've been pondering joining this for several days and I finally decided "What the hell, I'll give it a go." So, with that, here goes nothing.

Favorite Characters: Sam is my very, very favorite. I also absolutely love Josh, Donna, CJ, Ainsley, and Charlie.

Favorite Pairings: Josh/Donna, Sam/Ainsley (these are my very favorites), CJ/Danny, Toby/Andy, POTUS/FLOTUS, Charlie/Zoey.

Things I like to read:
-Romance that isn't over the top - I am all about subtlety, nuances. After all, that's what made this show so fantastic in the first place. I don't see Josh declaring his love for Donna on national TV, etc.
-Backstory and family stories - We never hear about Sam and his mother. What happened to make Donna go back to Dr. Freeride? Josh and Joanie, CJ and her father, Charlie and Deanna. How Josh and Sam or CJ and Toby met. POTUS and FLOTUS in college, POTUS and his relationship with any of the girls (I would love to read about growing up in the Bartlet household)
-Angst. It could be Donna contemplating her resignation to CJ thinking about her father to Charlie and Zoey not being able to make it work. I'm a sucker for well-written angst.
-Friendship. I love the relationships between all of the Senior Staffers, so any of those friendships work for me. Sam/Josh and Sam/Toby and Toby/CJ are probably my favorite Senior Staff friendship pairings.
-Continuation of canon storylines/post-episode fics
-The return of Big Block of Cheese Day
-Post-series stories - As long as there isn't any abusing of the uterus (ie Donna has septuplets), I love coming up with possibilities for what happens during the Santos Administration and beyond. Bonus points for anyone who adheres to my own personal canon of a Seaborn/Wyatt presidential ticket.
-Any story that outlines Donna completing her college degree because that is something I have always wanted to see happen
-Anything involving either one of Sam's fiancees (Lisa or the unnamed one he mentions in Transition)

Other notes:
-Any rating is okay
-I'm not a huge fan of slash
-Other than that, I'm open to just about anything
-Thanks in advance, and happy holidays! :)

Stocking for dallascowboys82

Favorite characters, pairings/dynamics:
Characters: Abbey, CJ, Donna, and Ainsley are probably my favorites. I also like Jed, Charlie, Toby and Josh. I don't really have any characters I dislike. Not a Mandy fan, though.
Romantic pairings: Jed/Abbey, Josh/Donna (friendship fics, too), CJ/Toby (friendship fics, too), CJ/Danny.
Friendships: Abbey & CJ (these two are great), Sam & Josh, Toby & Josh, Jed & Charlie, Jed & Leo
Note: I'd love to read a fic with a girl-bonding scene a la "Dead Irish Writers," but by no means feal obligated. A karaoke scene with Jed/Abbey/Leo based on this (anyone who does this and can make a reference to Abbey having played Rizzo in Grease at some point in time would be my new BFF).

Favorite canon story-lines:
I love 'gap-fillers' (post episode or missing scene fics); I prefer fics that can fit into the canon storyline. I'm not opposed to one night stand fics (for example) that go against a specific storyline so long as they're in character. I'm partial to fics set around season 1 and 2, but am open to any setting.

Misc. notes:
ANY rating is welcome.
I'm not a big fan of first-person, but if it works for the story then let 'er rip.
I don't mind post-series fic, but I'd prefer if they dealt with the Bartlet administration characters.

Overall, I just like in-character fics that are fun to read. They can involve any storyline. Humor is great, but angst is awesome too.

Stocking for ME, magisterequitum

This is an amazing idea and I just have to say Huge Thanks to the Mods for creating this and for everyone who participates. And Thanks in advance for anyone who fills my stocking with anything.

Favorite characters/pairings:
Characters: Josh, Sam, Toby, Ainsley, Donna, CJ; and of course I pretty much love everyone on the show.
Pairings: Josh/Donna, Sam/Ainsley, POTUS/FLOTUS

And the friendship dynamic between nearly everyone on the show, Josh & Sam, CJ & Everyone, Bartlet & Leo


Whatever you write, Anons, will be wonderful and appreciated. I love fluff, angst, emotional vignettes. I also enjoy the banter/snark that goes around on the show between everyone. As well as Bartlet's trivia/history lessons. I would love anything with the pairings listed above and the characters themselves are fine too.

Post-ep behind the scenes and outside of the White House are fine. I'm open to whatever. Canon is nice. I enjoy S1-S3 the most, but I did enjoy the Santos period too.

I'm not picky. Easy to please. :)

ETA: I forgot about ratings. I'm fine with all.

Happy Holidays and Cheers!

Stocking for soaked_in_stars!

This is such a great idea, thanks so much for organizing!

Favorite Characters: Andrea Wyatt! I'm such an Andy whore, it's completely laughable. Toby comes in a very close second (and Huck and Molly, of course), and CJ. But really, there's barely a character I don't love. I'm very into Margaret, Mrs. L, Ann Stark, Amy, all of those fabulous smaller characters too. NGL, I'm not a Sam Seaborn fan, though I love that he's scared of Andy, so...make of that what you will.

Romantic pairings: Andy/Toby is my otp, always 'n' forever. I like CJ/Toby as well (usually with a dash of Andy - like I said, laughable), CJ/Danny, and any combination of Andy/Toby/Ann Stark. And Leo/Jordan! I'm not into m/m slash at all, but femslash is fair game.

Friendships/platonic dynamics: Jed & Leo for sure! Also Toby & CJ and Andy, Donna, and CJ or any combination therein.

Notes: I'm a whore for canon, but am pretty game in general. I love Wyatt/Ziegler family tales; Molly is my homegirl, and anytime she's included in anything, I grin a lot. I love snarkiness, I love simple, quiet things, I love domesticity, I love work-related situations, etc etc etc. I'm a whore for angsty Andy/Toby and fluffy Andy/Toby and really anything in between. Oh, and in general, any rating is fine.

Danceprincess20 Stocking :)

I am very excited to find that this community exists! I'm a new West Wing fan, just finishing the series now actually (I have a few more episodes in season 7 left but I know the basics of what is coming). As far as fic goes I am very easy to please. :)

I love Josh/Donna (of course) and Sam/Ainsley. I am big into the fluff but am also a sucker for fics in which something awful happens to Josh or Donna (not awful enough that someone dies but enough for some angst). I really enjoy Santos Administration stories and stories that take place in the future (and Josh and Donna with kids is great). I also love stories with lots of politics involved (I'm a poli sci major so I eat that stuff up)

Any rating is fine but ws far as the more explicit stuff goes I like Josh/Donna, Josh/Donna/Sam, Josh/Donna/Amy.

Like I said, just about anything is good, finals are next week and any distraction is welcome! :)

Whatever Lola lauriestein wants....

Let's see..... how to put all the things I like in West Wing fic into a (fairly) concise list?

Starting with the 'oh hell yes' seems the most positive way.

Toby/Andy - I am obsessed with these two and it will never go away. I love when they were happy, I love when they're sad, when they fight about the best way to raise the children. When they argue about baseball-related life decisions, when Andy launches herself like the rocket of pure liberalism at Toby's compromises. I love their complications, their history and basically any way in which they can interact.

CJ/everyone (esp Danny, Toby and femslash) - obviously because Allison Janney made one of the best characters on TV ever, but also because even her flaws are beautiful. Her crappy track record in relationships, her struggles with being 'on the outside' as Press Sec, the horrible calls she'd have to make as CoS and how she rationalises that. I love her interactions with Margaret, Ainsley and Donna. Her admiration for Jed (and when that gets called into question) and her friendship with Abbey and 'Lizzy B'. I also love her prank wars of attrition with Charlie and Josh.

Jed being a geek. Because who doesn't love that?

Abbey/everyone. I love her with Jed, and I'm a sucker for 'the end' stories even when they make me cry. I'd love post-ep/missing scenes from episodes where she's referenced but doesn't appear - for her take on the events. Abbey/CJ as slash or friendship delights me. I'd love to read Abbey meeting Ainsley, or Ainsley somehow working for the First Lady's office on a particular matter etc. Abbey pwning Josh/joining forces with Amy is always wonderful. Oh, and the First Lady getting boozy is never a bad idea, if you ask me.

Toby and his angst. Toby and the women he loves but can't make it work with. Toby/Ann Stark/CJ/Andy (any combination therein). Toby thinking about fatherhood and the small but extraordinary sacrifices he'll make for them. The reaction to the pardon, how he interacts with everyone afterwards. Toby arguing with reporters/members of Congress. Toby dealing with the Arts.

I also like Sam/Mallory, Sam/Ainsley, Josh/Amy, Amy/CJ, Leo/Jordan, Jed/CJ and Josh/CJ.

Oh, and how could I forget Kate/CJ? I am allll over that.

Any turn-offs?

I really don't like stories written in the first person, it makes it harder for me to 'hear' the character. I'm not a big fan of Josh/Donna unless they're being platonic and the funny kind of mean to each other. And kid!fic other than Huck & Molly doesn't usually grab me. For the most part though, I love anything and everything about this show :)

Stocking for Shutterbug_12

(Can I just say that this absolutely made my night, perhaps my entire holiday? This is fantastic. A very enthusiastic 'thank you' to the mods and a proactive, very enthusiastic 'thank you' to all of the lovely, anonymous people who chose to put anything in my stocking! You're my favorites!)

To the stocking proper!

Favorite characters, pairings/dynamics:
Characters: Josh is my favorite by far, followed by Sam, Donna, Toby, Will, and POTUS.
Romantic pairings: Josh/Donna (definitely my favorite), Josh/Amy, Sam/Ainsley, Toby/Andy, Donna/Cliff, and CJ/Danny.
Friendships/platonic dynamics: Josh & Sam, Josh & Toby, Josh & Charlie (I love the brotherly dynamic there), Josh & Leo, and POTUS & Leo.
Note: I don't really like fics that take pairings in a overly sappy, melodramatic, or fairy-tale direction. That's not to say I like angst-fests for the sake of angst-fests, either. I love when there's a sense of realism to pairings, honest portrayals, where characters have all of their flaws as well as their positive qualities. Realistic relationship problems shouldn't be avoided and dynamics should be as true to canon as possible--good characterization is very important--and adhere to time-lines as well as possible. So, for instance, a Josh/Donna fic for my stocking wouldn't have them in an explicit sexual relationship until after Election Day, in keeping with canon. I guess what I mean is that pairings like Josh/Donna (prior to S7), Sam/Ainsley, etc., can certainly have an element of attraction that was clearly there in canon, but it shouldn't go beyond whatever canon showed. Strictly in-character, is what it really comes down to. I hope that makes sense.

Favorite canon story-lines:
I include this part because I enjoy post-episode/missing scene fics. Fics based around the Rosslyn shooting, Gaza, the Santos campaign, Josh's 'Constituency of One bungle, MS reactions/fallout (especially Donna's testimony/diary), and Donna's resignation arcs would be wonderful. I also like fics set around holidays. I love backstory, too. I'm not a fan of kid!fics, so I'd prefer if Toby-centric fics didn't include his children, or if post-series fics concerning any pairing not concern children.

Misc. notes:
It's fun to see them outside of the office, but I'm not averse to inside-the-office fics. They're great, too. I suppose I'm just saying that it need not be set inside the White House.
Any fic rating, from G to NC-17 is welcome.
I also welcome fic set post-series, during the Santos administration.
I'm from the D.C. area, so any local references/accuracies/details would be especially cool.
I don't really like first-person narratives; I'd prefer third, if possible.

I hope that's enough information (but not too restrictive)! I'm so excited about this! *dances*

cuban_sombrero's stocking

I've been getting back into The West Wing this week thanks to all my new fandom friends, so this is perfect timing. :-)

So, things I like include:
  • Post episode fic that explore certain events and themes from each episode in further detail, or that extend past the timelines of the episode itself.
  • Josh/Donna fic. Any genre goes; there can never be enough of these two in the world. If you're looking for more inspiration, I'd either a fic set during the Santos administration, or something set during Season 3, that looks at both Josh's relationship with Donna and his relationship with Amy.
  • Vignettes. I'd rather you try and capture a quiet, intimate moment than write me a story with lots of plot.
  • Other combinations I like are Sam and Ainsley (either as friends or something more), Josh, Sam and CJ (as friends), Jed and Josh and Will and Kate. Do whatever you like with them, I'm not that fussy. ;)

Stocking for Quirkytaverna

Hello, it's your friendly neighbourhood quirkytaverna. If you have no clue who I am, don't fret; I don't come out to play all that often, and I'm here to help you through this :)

I love anything that will promote and do justice to the characters within the story; I love character-centric pieces rather than plot-pieces, because I am a sucker for emotive vignettes.

Key characters I'd love to receive fic about: Sam, Charlie, Ainsley, Donna, Toby, Leo, and CJ. As far as pairings go, they are not required! But I love Toby/Sam and Charlie/Zoey; you can sell me on any pairing - and I'd love to experience something new for the holiday - so long as characterisation is believable.

I love road trips and quiet moments. I love strength and vulnerability shadowed in each other. I love dialogue and the things that are better left unsaid. I'm not afraid of angst and I'm not afraid of fluff. I love snark. If you want to write something that's nothing but CJ and Charlie snarking at each other I'll want to marry you.

Basically, I feel Charlie and Ainsley are under-represented and I'd love to see them get some fic. Sam is important to me and anything that explores his past, his connection to Josh, his (hero)worship of Toby, his dynamic with Ainsley, are all amazing to me - and I would even prefer that they weren't shippy!

I'm easy to please - I just want to see people writing to love on my guys :)



HI all! Welcome to the West Wing Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza!

A very nice, relaxed rules/FAQ can be found on the main page!

Basically it works like this:
1. create a stocking
2. search through other stockings. Fill stockings with short fics* in the comments. Anonymously.
3. Fill more stockings.
4. Check back often.
5. Fill more stockings.
6. Read your treats from your stocking!
7. Have oodles and oodles of fun!

If you have any specific question, you can reply to this post [Comments will be initially screened].

When you create a stocking, please create a tag for your entry as such: stocking: [your LJ name]. That'll make it easier for people to find you, since one cannot sticky-post a non-personal entry.

And that's it!

Stocking Stuffing will CLOSE at 11:59pm 6 January 2010. New Stockings can be hung as late as MIDNIGHT of the 6th.

*fics do not have to be holiday themed.


STOCKINGS [Alphabetical by user name]

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Stocking for Atticus

Hello! Atticus here!

Let's see.

I like Toby/Sam, Toby/Sam/Josh, Toby/Ellie, Andy/Toby, Toby/CJ, CJ/Danny, Josh/Amy, Toby/CJ, some sort of CJ/Greg Brock/Toby triangle, mentions of David and Joanie, I think Joe Quincy is awesome, and Ainsley too.

okay, details now!Collapse )

I'm ridiculously easy to please, no worries. :D I mean, look at all those pairings! Go hog wild! A fic where CJ and Danny do nothing but argue over what to name their daughter? Perfect! A fic where Toby and Sam break up for the ninth time through Molly's POV? Perfect! Like I said, I'm fairly easy to please.


West Wing Stocking Stuffer!

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